Sunday, November 27, 2022

Kim Seon Ho Times Square!

 I think it was February or March of this year when I was discussing my love of Kdramas with Mili Fay, an incredible artist and animator. She told me to watch Start-Up on Netflix. 

Which I did and promptly fell in love with the character of  Han Ji-pyeong, a brilliant venture capitalist involved with mentoring new start-up businesses at a facility called Sandbox. His relationship with the grandmother of a young woman trying to get a business going there is one of the most touching relationships in any series or movie I've ever seen, and he will absolutely break your heart in this series!
So, I thought WHO is this actor, playing Han Ji-Pyeong? Kim Seon Ho. He is the most expressive and believable actor I have seen in forever, maybe not since Cary Grant, who could do everything, comedy, drama etc. Kim Seon Ho could do it all in Start-up!
I had to see whatever else he was in and Netflix was a gateway into his series. He had his first starring role in Hometown Cha Cha Cha. If for some reason you hadn't already fallen in love with him in Start-up... you will in HTCCC!
And after these two series I was looking him up on facebook and instagram and youtube and anyplace else you could read about him or see him or connect with other fans, I was doing it. And during these searches some Seonhohada (fans of Kim Seon Ho!) reached out to me and I became part of the US group and also a Seonhohada Warrior! Voting on fan apps, something I never did, to help win him awards and billboards.
I was thrilled to hear this week that my cheering fan message ("Wishing you as much joy in your life as you bring to your fans"- saturdaychick) made it to the digital billboard in Times Square!

Can it get any better than this for a fan of KSH ? Well, he is also having fan meets and autograph sessions all over, but sadly, not in the US. Fingers crossed that the world's Most Bankable Actor (from S Korea) might make the trip sometime!
Meanwhile, watch 100 Days My Prince and World's Strongest Delivery Man on Netflix! This summer he starred in a Korean production of Touching the Void and sold out every performance!
If  this post has you even the tiniest bit intrigued, then give his series a chance on Netflix, if you have it. I even subscribed to Viki an Asian content channel so I could see his earlier series and which was worth every penny to be able to see them!

Six Chix Cartoons! Plus Tribute to Charles M. Schulz !

 I seriously forgot to post the Six Chix cartoons from the last 2 weeks! Plus, yesterday was the 100th Birthday of Charles M. Schulz and was celebrated by cartoonists all over, including me! 

So I'll start with that cartoon:

As a girl, I was crazy about Peanuts and actually had a crush on Linus. Who wouldn't? I learned to read partly because I wanted to read our collections of cartoons we had at home. His expressive and deceptively simple lines made me want to be a cartoonist, and lo and behold, I eventually became one!

Last week's cartoon was a Thanksgiving one:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because Nico and Jeremiah are here! Nico and I make the most of our time together with baking day:

and shopping and even a visit to the beach which was so windy and rainy, it kept turning the Edward Gorey umbrella inside out!

Last week was also my Sunday. Nico and Jeremiah's cats Roger and Jagger partly inspired the black cat in this one:

And the last Six Chix I forgot to post was based partly on Peaches who insists on taking over my pillow, usually at something like 3 in the morning. She is the cutest, so she usually gets her way!

Sunday, November 6, 2022

November 5, 2022 Six Chix cartoon

 Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to read and how much I LOVE books! I also LOVE my Kindle and take it EVERYWHERE! I have so many books but it is verrrrry hard for me to part with any because if I bought it, it has to have some meaning for me. Below are just a very few of my books !

 Plus I have collections of all kinds of things, Edward Gorey books, collected since I was a girl, and used to find these odd little books in used booktores my parents took me to. Sadly, a bad thing befell my priceless collection... living in the country, something built a nest in the bookshelves behind the books and now the majority of them have foxing!!!! BOOOOHOOO!
I have all kinds of collections, large ones and small. Books by and about famous groupies. Books about rock women, and also Jim Morrison and Elvis, two of my favorites.

And fiction of ALLLL kinds. 

All my Phantom books are now in my studio! My collection keeps growing as I can never say no to a Phantom based book or retelling! These are just a few of my Phantom books taken when I was bringing them upstairs!

And my Kindle has so many books, thanks to being a Librarian, I get DRCs! One of the best benefits!

Anyway, all that inspired this week's Six Chix cartoon!