Friday, April 27, 2012

The Trials of Big Eric

Big Eric is a pretty big cat. He is also famed as Almost Feral Eric. Always suspicious. Not easy to round up for flea medicine and has been known to circle the couch numerous times rather than allow himself to be cornered.

The other day I went out to the shed to water the seeds I had planted.

That night, we did not notice Big Eric. He often sleeps in the barn, so we were not worried. The next morning, I went to check on the seeds and I heard meowing. "Hmmmmm" I thought. Some poor cat has gotten itself trapped in the shed. I couldn't find it, and still hearing it, I looked up. Uh oh.
OH No! Big Eric was up in the rafters! Was this a problem? Usually he can get himself down from anyplace he gets himself... but obviously, he had been up there ALL night!!!
Would he need to be rescued?
It looked like the answer to that was YES! As I am the opposite of tall... I tried standing on the step-stool.

I was going to have to leave for work. What to do? Just then kitty Conor Makem arrived on the scene. He had been out front in the flower bed.
He assessed the situation and raced up the side of the wall like Supergirl's cat Streaky!

Then he went right over to Big Eric.

Normally, Big Eric would probably have smacked Conor right off the rafters. But not today.

Conor decided to leave Big Eric to his own devices and leaped down and took off. What now? There was a plank leaning on the rafters and going to the floor. It would be simple for Big Eric to walk down the plank to safety... but for some reason he remained clueless as to what I was asking from him. Even trying to lure him down the plank with bits of ham didn't work. I ended up tossing it up to him as he was being pathetic.

I had to leave so I called John and told him the situation. Hours later... back from the library, John said he was still up in the rafters. He had set up ladders but couldn't get him to come down. That was it. i went out to the shed and climbed the ladder. Big Eric came closer to see what I was up to...
and I GRABBED him, normally a dangerous move as I could have been slashed to ribbons by his claws.

He was SAVED!

A Happy Ending for all!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pat Keck: Genius and Best Artist Working Today!

A few years back, friend of friends Steve W. and I went to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park to see an exhibit of an artist whose work I was excited to see and which turned out to be one of the very best and most memorable art exhibits I've ever seen...and I've seen a LOT of exhibits. Pat Keck carves beautiful and intricate figures out of wood that she saws and sculpts herself in her own sawmill. They are painted in a highly glossed paint with beautiful decorative patterns and many are interactive or automatons of different types.
She has a full size figure of the alternative singer Klaus Nomi reclining on a crypt. When you stand at the foot of the crypt and step on a lever... the figure rises up.
Then, there are 4 small figures sitting at a table under a sign that says "Messages". You put a coin in a slot and one or another of the figures taps out a message which then drops out a slot. Brilliant!!!                                   
Above is one of the messages I saved from this sculpture.
Another reason I feel so connected to Ms. Keck's work are some of her influences, one of which is actor Conrad Veidt who played an eerie yet captivating somnambulist in the early German expressionist silent film "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".

 I am a huge fan of  German expressionist films many of which I saw as a teen in NY, including "Dr. Caligari" and Fritz Lang's "Dr. Mabuse" films.
(me painting Caligari's landscape in a High School art class)
I wish there were a permanent collection of her work established somewhere where I could take occasional pilgrimages to see it... because it haunts you, even years later and I would love to see it in person again.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter plus More Bunnies!

Happy Easter! I hope your baskets were filled with chocolate and jelly beans and here are some extra Easter treats to make your day even bunnier . Two more bunny photos and two more bunny cartoons.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bunnies for All!

Who doesn't love spring and Easter and bunnies? Every so often I take Nico's bunnies out for some fresh air.
And, of course, every year I do new Easter bunny cartoons.
Here are two new cartoons and some new bunny photos.
I'll post more bunny mania tomorrow!