Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Chair For All Seasons (except sleet and rain!)

I was looking out the window at the library a while ago and saw the hardware store across the street that also sold collectibles had a 1950s lawn chair sitting outside. I love 50s and early 60s style and there was something sweet about this relic.
It became an OBJECT of DESIRE! When Joyce and I walked around town delivering library newsletters and posters I would admire the chair but it was too expensive for a whim (not really, but, you know, it could be a roadblock). Months went by and the chair remained unsold. I even tested it out on occasion. It would look so right in our garden. But, no, I didn't buy it. Then, news came that the hardware store was closing and converting to an antique and used book store and that they were having BIG SALES! So, I made an offer, and next thing, the chair had a home where it happily sits on the deck (though it is sleeting so I put it in the entry way). It's lasted this long without any (or much) rust. Why take chances?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

I used to draw and take pictures of old toys I found at yard sales, rummage sales and flea markets.
Nico has a big Easter bunny collection, and when she went off to college the bunnies got packed away in a cardboard box. Inspiration struck! Why not take pictures of these fabulous bunnies. I went up to the attic (the hattic (house attic), not the battic (barn attic) and dragged down the box. Poor bunnies!
They were delighted to be liberated. I took them down to our sunken garden. Here is Tiny Blue Bunny in his cave.
And here is Particularly Nice White Bunny in the daffodils.

What could be more cute or endearing. Everyone loves plush bunnies!Also, saddest kid's book ever? "Velveteen Rabbit", anyone?

And to wrap up the bunny blog, one more bunny, Other Blue Bunny sits for portrait:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Objects of Desire

I like all things Alice in Wonderland though not particularly the Tim Burton movie which didn't have a lot to recommend it except Johnny Depp (despite his Ronald Mc Donald hair) and the jewelry!
Look at this fabulous necklace!
Here is a close up.
There's a very nice matching bracelet. See!
Can you believe Walmart sells these to die for Objects of Desire? Check out your local store for these great finds. There is a whole line equally desirous! Back to Alice. Alice is always inspiring. See the Cheshire Spacey head floating in the tree above. Here is a complete Cheshire-ized Spacey:

Isn't she sweet? Or perhaps MAD? I tried to Cheshire-ize Big Eric, but he got suspicious and wouldn't pose properly. Perhaps another time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Springy Weather

Today it was beautiful, beautiful and even now it is 64 degrees out which for the 1st of April is very unusual. It's been wet, wet, wet for the last 2 weeks... so it seems like it might really be Spring, for today and tomorrow, anyway. In NY when I was a kid this was my favorite time of year with daffodils everywhere. Here, in NH I am very happy to settle for the first crocuses. Don't they look nice? Here is another view:
Here is the garden, waiting to be planted. You can see the new raised beds John built. Food Not Lawns is our motto!

And finally a happy Easter Bunny to all, and may your garden be free of blight!