Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shows for Grown-Ups

I think it's a given that as soon as I like a gets canceled. Just look at Jericho, Wonderfalls, American Gothic and Invasion. I LOVE Nashville and SMASH. Both have amazing casts and original music and intriguing story-lines and should stay on the air for years to give those of us who are sick of laugh track sit-coms and reality shows (well, maybe not the Voice. I do enjoy Blake and Adam!) something to look forward to. If you are not watching these fantastic shows, here are some reasons why you should!

First some highlights from SMASH. SMASH, for those who don't know, revolves around the creation of a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe plus gives us a look at other shows the cast members become involved in like this example which has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV. A scene from a soon to be closed musical version of Dangerous Liasons with Sean Hayes as a Jerry Lewis type comedian making his dramatic Broadway debut alongside Megan Hilty's fabulous Ivy. Most of these clips are from the official show sites so may have ads first, but hang on. It's worth it! Others are from the miracle of Youtube. Thanks to all who uploaded them:

Ivy is my favorite Marilyn. Sorry Karen.
and I loved Krysta Rodriguez as Karen's roommate Ana singing on a recent episode:

So, if you aren't watching SMASH please tune in and help keep it on the air!
Now, a look at Nashville, a fabulously addictive show. I LOVE Connie Britton as superstar country singer Rayna James, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes an up and coming cross-over star with issues and Charles Esten as Deacon, Rayna's former flame and guitar player who has also backed up Juliette and is just generally pretty darn talented (and sexy!)! I also really like Gunnar and Scarlett and...well, tune in. Here are some of the fantastic songs and singers: Clare Bowen as Scarlett and Sam Palladio as

And here are Rayna and Juliette with Deacon on their tour:
Deacon and Juliette writing a song:

You can watch episodes of Nashville and SMASH online . Just click on the links and become a fan!