Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A Visit to Claude Rains' Memorial

 Joyce and I went on a pilgrimage to the cemetery where Claude Rains is buried. I had always wanted to visit, since I found out he was buried in NH. We took several wrong turns (stupid GPS) and almost ended up in a lake down a sinister loooong dirt road (REALLY, GPS???), but when we did find it, it was a beautiful small cemetery.

I had always been a fan of Mr. Rains, from the time I was a girl. That voice!


John said"Bring flowers" which I hadn't even thought of, but was such a nice idea, so I picked some of the last zinnias.  I was remembering to bring my camera to record our visit but flowers were an even better way to pay our respects. 

It was SO glarey that it was hard to actually get a good shot of the stone and inscription. See the link above for a better photo of the stone itself.

Joyce brought seeds to plant as a tribute!

We had a beautiful day to visit this lovely cemetery. We could feel Claude's spirit approve of our visit.