Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

Every year I play around with the character of the Easter Bunny. This year... I tried something a little different. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

32 Songs that say Happy Birthday Nico!!!

Happy Birthday, O Bestest Daughter Nico! Here are 32 MEANINGFUL songs to be your own personal and most fabulous soundtrack for the day!
No Myth" by Michael Penn

   "Machine Head" by Bush

 Ian and Sylvia "the Renegade"

"Legend of Jesse James" with Johnny Cash and Levon Helm


Carly Simon "You're So Vain"

Shane MacGowan "Haunted by the Ghost of Your Love"
Soul Asylum "Runway Train"

Johnny Cash "A Ceiling, Four Walls and a Door"
Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places"
Todd Snider "I'm an Alright Guy"

the Kinks "Low Budget"

Mojo Nixon "Elvis is Everywhere"
Tracy Chapman "Fast Car"

Pancho and Lefty

Trisha Yearwood "She's in Love with the Boy"
The Doors "Love Street"

\George Harrison "Here Comes the Sun"
Len "Steal My Sunshine"

Nico / Velvet Underground "Femme Fatale"

Steve Goodman "Roving Cowboy"

Blur Song 2

Lit "My Own Worst Enemy"

Everclear "Santa Monica"

Gogol Bordello "Start Wearing Purple"

Geoff Berner "Maginot Line"

Moxy Fruvous "King of Spain"

Carol King "Where You Lead"
Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag"

Aladdin "A Whole New World"
Rent "Light My Candle"

David Francey "Broken Glass"

And, finally, a bonus track of the Beatles, reuniting from the UK and the Great Beyond to sing a special Happy Birthday, Nico! (you just have to hear that instead of Saturday Club!)!