Saturday, November 26, 2016

It's a Gilmore World

Viewers around the world were tuned in to a major event yesterday. Nothing sports related, thank goodness, no... it was the long awaited, long anticipated, talked, blogged, Facebooked and twittered  about Netflix reboot of  "the Gilmore Girls"! 6 hours that brought us up to date and through a year of seasons with our beloved citizens of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, especially Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore and, of course, Luke Danes.

 And, don't worry, if you missed it, all the seasons are available including the new ones so you can currently have an all Gilmore immersive experience whenever you want (as long as you are a subscriber!)!

Nico and I are all about the Gilmore Girls and have been from its very first episode.  We watched it all unfold together, even when she was at BU, it didn't stop us from discussing it long distance. We related. It could have been written about us...if we had wealthy relatives. And I am sure Moms and daughters all over related, too.

It had heart and warmth and extremely smart pop culture references and a lot of really bright, fast-paced dialogue. It had Town Meetings. Just like we have in our little town!
Sometimes I am not happy when authors or TV creators revisit their characters. Bridget Jones and those Traveling Pants girls are two such instances. And those Sex and the City movies were pretty sad after the groundbreaking series. Have no such fears for this year in the life.

No spoilers here, though, perhaps, if you had a say, you might not make some of the life choices for these characters we care so much about as their creator did. Not that it made us love them any less.
 If you are seeing this new set for the first time may we suggest having tissues on hand for emotional moments. Have a multitude of inspiring snacks ready, and , of course, coffee, coffee coffee!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you have as fabulous a holiday as we are having! Last night we saw both "Moana" and "Fantastic Beasts" so a terrific start after a day of major pie making!
And what would Thanksgiving be without a traditional reading of that classic "The Turkey Prince".
You can make it part of YOUR tradition, too by clicking on the link below.
But first, two brand new Thanksgiving cartoons:

Click on the link for "The Turkey Prince"!