Saturday, October 14, 2023

The 2023 Inktober Drawing Challenge: Day 14

 It's the 14th Day of Inktober! But first! My Six Chix cartoon for today!

And now, my drawing for today!

And here is the Catober drawing for today! 14 Retro Cat
This is based on the little glittery black cat holding a small bottle of perfume (can't remember what kind) that I thought was SO beautiful as a girl, I think I gave it to my mother for her birthday every year for a number of years!

And, the Official Inktober Prompt drawing for today! 14 Castle. This drawing is based on a photo I took of a regal seagull on top of a sand castle. I do enjoy seagulls, despite their tendencies to steal your lunch and even go through your bag the minute you leave it for one minute!

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