Saturday, June 29, 2013

Renaissance Girl

 Some people game to relax, some play cards... I look at art! A year or so ago I was looking on Deviantart at Phantom of the Opera art. There are a lot of very good artists on that site. I noticed that I was attracted by these certain drawings that I'd click on and after a while I realized they were all being done by the same person. They were beautiful, and funny and completely original and also dark and romantic and I completely fell in love with this portrayal of Erik and Christine.
So, I had to know all about the artist who created them. That artist is known on Deviantart as Muirin007 and in real life she is Casey Eade, a college student. Not only is she a brilliant artist whose work is a cross between cartooning and fine art...
  but she is also a funny and engaging writer and blogger, speaks French and really knows her stuff when it comes to the Victorian era and the writers and artists who defined that time period and hopes to eventually become a Professor in this field.
Plus... her phantom stories are wonderful takes on the characters.
She was taking a few commissions last year and I was incredibly lucky that she accepted mine, because, not only is she flat out taking courses, but she worked at a college radio station and took classes throughout the summer. When she asked what I would like... I had to think, because I LOVE her cynical Erik:
 But then I thought I would love a romantic image and told her to go with anything she was inspired to do...and she created this, which is so stunning in real life I feel like my wall should be part of a museum exhibit!
She is working on a book collection of her Phantom art (which I must own immediately!!!) and I, personally, would love to see her illustrate Leroux's classic, and would love, love, love her to illustrate Susan Kay's "Phantom". Meanwhile, I'm saving up for if/when that small window of commissions opens up... I'll be ready!

(she doesn't just do Phantom art...check out her site to see more of her work!)


  1. Wow! Amazing artistic talent! Thanks for sharing, Steph! I must admit, though, that when I saw the title of this blog post, I expected to see something lovely and Renaissance-like! --- Not a scary person! LOL

  2. Thank you for checking it out, Becky!!! yes, Renaissance as in multi-skilled, though she'd probably fit in nicely as an artist then, too! So nice to hear from you!