Friday, December 3, 2010

Holidays, Holidays

Working at the library is rewarding and fun. And nothing is as rewarding and fun as combining cartooning with library work! I've been running the cartoon club going on 8 years and I've had some terrific kids as members and this group is especially good and enthusiastic. We met this past Monday and for this meeting I had them draw cartoon holiday cards. Once they had drawn them up I made them each a few copies so they could send them out to family and friends. I wish I'd snagged a couple of the copies, but the class went by so fast they all took them home. For every meeting I draw up samples of what we'll be doing for that class. I drew up a sample holiday card and ended up really liking it, so,here it is. First the original which is on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper that gets folded up.

             Now, colored and as a story:

Another group I started and have been running for almost 8 years is the Adult Writers' Group. They are a varied and multi-talented bunch which includes a singer/songwriter, memoirists and poets. I really enjoy them and wanted to do something special so I came up with the idea of asking them to e-mail me holiday and winter poems and stories and collecting them into a little book. Our Director liked the idea and had the covers copied at Staples so they would be in color. The group meets Monday and everyone will get a copy. Here's the cover. I wanted it to look handmade and with a sort of 50's vibe.

I'll be looking forward to Monday when everyone gets a copy. Maybe I'll bake some cookies to take in. After all...nothing says holiday more than some great writing and a plate of home baked cookies!


  1. Stephanie it looks like so much fun! A few years ago I had summer camp kids each take a page and make an illustrated book, then had them copied and bound, and at one time I hosted a writer's group at my local public library--I really miss those people, but time being what it is. So glad you've had this many years of it!

  2. Hi Bernadette!
    I bet you were great at those programs. I am amazed at everything you do in the way of art, blogs, photos etc. And all so beautifully done!

  3. All lovely ideas, Steph....just like you! :)

  4. Dee,

    You are way too nice! Thank you!

  5. I LOVE your library! Thanks for posting a photo. It looks like something out of Norman Rockwell!

  6. Thanks, Becky. It is a very nice library and as a staff we try to make everyone feel welcome. So, I guess that is kind of Norman Rockwell-y. Last night John and I went to the Christmas tree lighting and it is a very small town where a lot of people do come out for something like that. Plus Zumba!