Friday, November 5, 2010

Live and Let Live Horse Farm

Besides being a full time cartoonist I'm also the Adult Program Coordinator at the Goodwin Library which is really fun and allows me to bring interesting speakers and programs to the library. And nothing is better than when I can run a program and also help an animal rescue organization, like when we helped the Loki Wolf Refuge by putting on Night of the Wolves.
So, on Wednesday, Nov. 10th, Live and Let Live Farm Horse Shelter Executive Director Teresa Paradis will come to the Goodwin Library to give a presentation. I came across their site while doing program research online and since I LOVE horses I called them up and they agreed to come.
Last Sunday, my friend (and the library's Assistant Director) Tami LaRock and I took a trip out to the shelter so I could see what it was like and be able to do a better job of presenting them. We were really impressed by how beautiful and well cared for all the horses were. Many horses come from homes where the owner may be out of work and can't afford to keep them. This seems to be a problem all over the country. They also took in Premarin horses and their foals. Talk about a horror story! One beautiful paint horse we met, Vanessa, was a former Premarin mare. She is now blind. It may not have anything to do with her previous sad life, but it does make you wonder. She shares a corral with a sighted companion.
 If you live in New Hampshire, and are a horse person, be sure to check out Live and Let Live Farm's website. Visit when you have a chance. There is a great tour of the whole place every Sunday at 2:30. And they are always looking for volunteers. And don't forget,  if you can, please make a donation. They are doing wonderful work. Now, here are some more photos from the trip:
                        Me and Deputy
        Tami and a couple of very nice horses
                               A view of the farm
 You can sponsor a horse and many people do. You can pick out a particular horse and then work with it so either that person or someone else will adopt it.
This is Vanessa the former Premarin mare.

This is Jack the Beanstalk, a very beautiful and big former race horse. If you click on his name you'll see a full image of him.
So, that was a short photo tour of Live and Let Live Farm. Hope you enjoyed it! When you go to their website be sure to go to the page of all the horses for adoption and there will be descriptions of the horses in these photos.


  1. Oh Stephanie, all the horses are so beautiful! I love just about all creatures (except slimy, scary ones!) I'm afraid to ride horses (bad experience when I was 14 yrs old) but I still love to pet them and feed them, etc. What a wonderful place, too. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  2. Hi Becky,

    So nice to hear from you! I'd like to say I was a rider, but haven't had much experience riding. I love petting them too and they are so sweet and curious. Tonight is our program at the library. I hope we get a crowd for them because it is an amazing place!