Monday, May 17, 2010

Why They Call This River Road

We live on one of the nicest roads around. Come take a walk with Joyce and I. Well, actually this was a few weeks ago, but it looks pretty much the same only we are wearing less layers.

This is the Mad River. It winds all the way down River Road.

It has areas abounding in prehistoric (seeming) rocks.

Here's a view overlooking the river from a turn in the road.

And this is from a lovely glade.

A lot of this area is protected.

These huge rock formations are pretty magnificent.

as are these...

Here we are at a bend in the road.

A chair in the woods.

A notice about the land being protected.

Some ferns.

A little stream opposite the river.
Now we must head back. Wasn't that fun? Nothing like a good walk to begin the day!

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