Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Countdown # 8

Every year I buy a bag of candy to give out for Halloween. Truthfully...I am buying this candy for myself, which I refuse to admit, because no one ever comes to our house to Trick or Treat. Not just our house doesn't seem like anyone goes to the neighbors, either. We live on a long meandering road that has woods all around and might be too scary for kids to walk down  to go house to house. Instead, kids around here do their Trick or Treating in town or in other supervised ways like at the mall. There's also a Halloween parade in town for little kids who go to all the businesses (and to the library). By the time Halloween rolls around and if by chance any kids DO show up... they'll be out of luck because there are only 2 Kit Kats left and the odds are against there being any available on Monday... unless I buy another bag.

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