Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Countdown # 7

Halloween isn't just a time to celebrate the scary and frightening. Why not kick back and enjoy a little supernatural romantic treat like the following:
"I Married A Witch" is a charming classic love story starring the very adorable Veronica Lake as the cutest witch ever and the dashing Frederic March. Here's the trailer:

Another romantic film about witches features Kim Novak as a sexy witch.  "Bell, Book and Candle" aslo features James Stewart, Jack Lemmon,  Ernie Kovacs and a slinky Siamese called Pyewacket:

Speaking of cats, let's move on from witchy romances to one about a cat woman. This is the trailer for the incomparable "Cat People", the stylishly noir movie from the 1940s that stars Simone Simon as a cursed girl in love.

So there you have it, some great alternatives to all those slasher movies out there. Grab some of those chocolate treats you've been saving to hand out, turn out the lights and snuggle up to your favorite leading man or lady. You may start a new Halloween tradition!

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