Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Countdown # 5

We've been celebrating Halloween at the library already. Last night the Cartoon Club came dressed in costumes and we did cartoon sketches of each member of the group posing.

Then everyone got the mini-comics I mentioned in an earlier post and finally... some great candy which they were pretty excited about.

Today, the Halloween celebration continues with the Farmington Fim Society showing of the cult classic "Carnival of Souls". In case you haven't seen it this was a movie made in 1962 for almost no money. Here's what Wikipedia has to say:
Carnival of Souls is a 1962 independent horror film starring Candace Hilligoss. Produced and directed by Herk Harvey for an estimated $33,000, the film did not gain widespread attention when originally released, as a B film; today, however, it is a cult classic. Set to an organ score by Gene Moore, Carnival of Souls relies more on atmosphere than on special effects to create a mood of unease and foreboding. The film has a large cult following and is occasionally screened at film and Halloween festivals. It has been cited as an important influence on the films of both David Lynch and George A. Romero.[1]
And here's the trailer.

And what could top off a great evening of watching a cult classic? Tuning in at 10:00 for American Horror Story!

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