Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Countdown # 6

The Cats love Halloween. Well, every day is Halloween for our cats who are fond of terrorizing anything smaller than they are. If you made a horror movie from a mouse or squirrel's point of view the monster would definitely be a cat. Just today, I kept hearing a scuffling noise. I went to see what was up...and I saw the 3 cats sitting around the wood stove (not in use, yet) staring intently.
I wrangled them all into the library and shut the door. Then I gingerly (great word! And a good spice to use on many occasions!) opened the door and waited. A little face poked out. A flying squirrel!

 I've never seen a live one, sad to say. They get in the attics (we have 2) and the cats get to them first and then all I find are tails and other bits with which I have to use the shovel of doom to toss them out. I am determined to save this I left the stove open, the entry way door and the front door all open so it has a direct shot at freedom. Let us all keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Love the three of them!

  2. Can tell me which way the flying squirrel went?
    Bullwinkle J. Moose
    Frostbite Falls, Minnesota

  3. HMMM...sounds like Boris Badenov in disguise!