Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Chair For All Seasons (except sleet and rain!)

I was looking out the window at the library a while ago and saw the hardware store across the street that also sold collectibles had a 1950s lawn chair sitting outside. I love 50s and early 60s style and there was something sweet about this relic.
It became an OBJECT of DESIRE! When Joyce and I walked around town delivering library newsletters and posters I would admire the chair but it was too expensive for a whim (not really, but, you know, it could be a roadblock). Months went by and the chair remained unsold. I even tested it out on occasion. It would look so right in our garden. But, no, I didn't buy it. Then, news came that the hardware store was closing and converting to an antique and used book store and that they were having BIG SALES! So, I made an offer, and next thing, the chair had a home where it happily sits on the deck (though it is sleeting so I put it in the entry way). It's lasted this long without any (or much) rust. Why take chances?

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