Friday, April 9, 2010

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

I used to draw and take pictures of old toys I found at yard sales, rummage sales and flea markets.
Nico has a big Easter bunny collection, and when she went off to college the bunnies got packed away in a cardboard box. Inspiration struck! Why not take pictures of these fabulous bunnies. I went up to the attic (the hattic (house attic), not the battic (barn attic) and dragged down the box. Poor bunnies!
They were delighted to be liberated. I took them down to our sunken garden. Here is Tiny Blue Bunny in his cave.
And here is Particularly Nice White Bunny in the daffodils.

What could be more cute or endearing. Everyone loves plush bunnies!Also, saddest kid's book ever? "Velveteen Rabbit", anyone?

And to wrap up the bunny blog, one more bunny, Other Blue Bunny sits for portrait:

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