Sunday, April 4, 2010

Objects of Desire

I like all things Alice in Wonderland though not particularly the Tim Burton movie which didn't have a lot to recommend it except Johnny Depp (despite his Ronald Mc Donald hair) and the jewelry!
Look at this fabulous necklace!
Here is a close up.
There's a very nice matching bracelet. See!
Can you believe Walmart sells these to die for Objects of Desire? Check out your local store for these great finds. There is a whole line equally desirous! Back to Alice. Alice is always inspiring. See the Cheshire Spacey head floating in the tree above. Here is a complete Cheshire-ized Spacey:

Isn't she sweet? Or perhaps MAD? I tried to Cheshire-ize Big Eric, but he got suspicious and wouldn't pose properly. Perhaps another time.

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