Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I have the bestest of all daughters. I am sure, you, too have the bestest of all daughters as well, but today I will mention the fabulousness of my daughter, Nico! A couple of weeks ago a package arrived, but I was told not to open it till Mother's Day. And that there would be a part 2! OOOH, the temptation! But I am honorable, so left it on the corner of the table where I could keep an eye on it.
Then, a couple of days ago, part 2 arrived and I came home to find that on the table as well. Finally, the day arrived, and here are the wonderful surprises!

This looks like a charming graphic novel of a girl and her mom spending time in Paris. What could be better? I can't wait to read it!

And look at this. What could this be??? It turns out to be le French macarons! Alors! What a thoughtful and yummy gift, the perfect accompaniment to reading "French Milk"!

What could be a more perfect Mother's Day? Alright, having Nico here would be nice, but we did meet for lunch a couple weeks ago: see above, for our traditional Mother's Day lunch of bagels and lox with french fries. (Photo taken at the Friendly Toast by son-in-law par excellence Jeremiah!)

A special Happy Mother's Day out to my incredible sister-in-law Paula.

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