Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Singing the Praises of Les Miz (or Les Mis, your preference)!

Let me say first, don't read any reviews. Down with snark-ism, snarky critics, you know who you are!! No one is a bigger fan of the musical than I am, well, maybe there are more demonstrative fans, and good for them, I admire their web presence, blogs, tumblrs etc. and read them when I can. Les Miserables brings it to vibrant, heart-breaking, wonderfully cast life and I thought Russell Crowe did an incredible job as Javert, bringing a poignancy to the role as well as all that nasty baggage. Hugh Jackman was an attractive, stalwart Valjean and just brilliant and Ann Hathaway will have you scavenging in your purse for tissues (note, put them in your pocket before you see it, for easy access!) she is so moving as Fantine. The whole cast is amazing, and I especially loved Samantha Barks's Eponine (I love Eponine in general as she gets such a raw deal), and she owned her performance!

 It's a really, really good movie. Don't think twice about going to see it on the big screen!

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