Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Best Show You're Probably Not Watching

When I started working at the Rochester Library you get to know your co-workers through what they like or don't like in the way of books, music, films and TV. The women that I work with during my 20 hours there range in age from their early 20's to their mid-30's and are pretty knowledgeable about pop-culture, a lot of which I am pretty knowledgeable about, too, so when they all, independently, told me how much they loved a show on USA called "Psych" I had to check it out It turned out to be one of the most engaging, charming and funny shows I've seen and John, who is king of the "this is shite" school of criticism, also loves it, which says a LOT (also Nico told me SHE loves it, so, you know, it goes without saying I would, too!).  The cast has wonderful chemistry and there is not one character I've gotten sick of or story line I hate after watching all of the first 6 seasons. Every episode has been a delight and just fun to watch. It has almost as many references and asides as "The Gilmore Girls", which is always a plus. Psych revolves around Shawn Spencer (James Roday), fake psychic detective but aces in the Sherlock Holmes school of deducting  how a crime is committed through his powers of observation noticing details and clues the police don't always spot. He is assisted by his best friend Burton Guster (or Gus) (Dule Hill ), a medical supplies salesman (with secret tap-dancing abilities)  who also drives a company car called the Blueberry the team use to get to crime scenes. The show often begins with flashbacks of Shawn and his father when Shawn was a kid and his father, a Santa Barbara detective was raising him and getting him to figure things out like a detective would, then switches to present day. Corbin Berensen is the dad and he is wonderful as well, as are the cops who Shawn and Gus often show up to help,  Timothy Omundson as Head Detective Carlton Lassiter (or Lassie!) , Maggie Lawson as Detective as Juliet O'Hara  and Kirsten Nelson as Police Chief  Karen Vick.  The show was created by Steve Franks who also wrote the wonderfully catchy theme song.
Season 7 will begin Wednesday, February 27th at 10:00 p.m. (AAAArgh! Worst time slot ever as I already have to debate whether to watch "Nashville" or "American Horror Story" then!!!)! Anyway, check out the first 6 seasons at your library or watch them on netflix. You won't be sorry!
(Great video of Shawn's nicknames for Gus! )

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