Sunday, December 9, 2012

e-ddicted to My e-book!

Gad! I last posted at Thanksgiving and now it's all those other holidays! Well, I have been busy. Here is a brand new Cafepress design for the e-book lover...and yes, I am one of them!

 Who would have ever thought it? I live in a house packed from top to bottom with books!!! I have great collections of Edward Gorey and Cornell Woolrich and all of Roz Warren's Women's Glibber titles and art books and fiction, fiction, fiction! There is NO more room on the extensive shelves... so, last year, I was thinking about when I travel and take a bag full of books, that they were awfully heavy, so, I decided to get a Kindle (after much research) and thought I'd only use it for travel. How very wrong that idea was! It is now filled with 164 titles, at the moment, anyway, and I love it, love it, love it!!!! Hence the new design.
And here's a link to it on Cafepress if it turns out to be something you just can't live without... it is on a multitude of items from tees to trinkets.

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