Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The End of the World: In 5 days in 5 Ways Pt. 3

# 3: Cloverfield
 New York has probably been destroyed in more end of the world movies than anyplace. It's always great to see those landmarks buried in sand or underwater. And, because I find it disconcerting to have Hollywood stars surviving (like Will Smith or Charleton Heston) I like the world to end with unknowns (to me, anyway). Like "Day the Earth Caught Fire" I originally saw "Cloverfield" in the movies (and you can catch it on Netflix) and found it riveting. The film starts very realistically with film recovered by the government in a location called Cloverfield... formerly CENTRAL PARK!!! First you see scenes from April 27.Twenty something Rob is filming a girl, Beth, as they plan to go to Coney Island. The film switches to May 22, Rob's brother, Jason, is using Rob's camera to capture testimonials from friends for a going away party for Rob. There Hud, a friend, grabs the camera to film. Interviews, interviews, Beth arrives ...OH, NO, with another guy!  Rob and Beth argue and she leaves with her date. Suddenly, there's an explosion, the Statue of Liberty's head is lying in the street. What to do? Journey through the scary stuff going down with Rob and friends as they make their way through devasted streets and subways in search of Beth trapped at her Dad's apartment uptown. And what IS going on?

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