Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A "Gilmore Girls" For All Seasons

Nico and I have watched every single episode of the Gilmore Girls (multiple times if you count its being on DVD), even through her being at college we'd discuss after each episode. We relate. We get the references. They are like OUR references. It could be about us if John would wear a baseball cap backwards and a plaid shirt and Jeremiah worked in a convenience store (things we doubt they'd do). Now, I just got home from visiting Nico and while I was there her friend Liz invited us to watch our favorite "Gilmore Girls" episodes on her incredible projection screen. You have not experienced the fabulousess that is the "Gilmore Girls" until you have seen in on a giant screen. So, if you love this show like we do, it is reeeeallly hard to narrow down your favorite episodes. We did "Pippi Virgin", "Raincoats and Recipes"  and of course "Lorelai? Lorelai?" the karaoke Lorelai sings I will Always Love You episode. Of course there are many, many more favorites, but we'd probably still be there watching them and missing work and air flights etc... so, here through the miracle of Youtube embedding are some Gilmore Girls highlights:
First, a Youtube tribute that was made using the GG theme by Carole King:

 Luke and Lorelai, what could be more romantic than this (excluding screaming naked Kirk):

I just had to include the "Pippi Virgin" clip:

And here's the Karaoke clip, get ready to go boohoo:

And a couple of Nico and I from  "The Piro/Nolan Girls" seasons 1-26:


  1. You've started some very good traditions with Nico....I love the photo journey with you two! I just had an idea, Steph...not like you have anything else to do (LOL), but a graphic novel about you and Nico would be a best seller!! :)

  2. Yeah, I gotta admit GG is a good show. I would have opted for a big screen version of the pilot or the dance-a-thon one. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  3. Thanks, Dee! I've tried to get Nico to do one about her excellent college experience... but maybe we could do something together sometime, too!

  4. Yay, Mike! One of the guys who "gets" the Gilmore Girls. We had a great time. Just live toooo far apart!
    Liz has a screen like the Barrington cinema's smaller screen! Pretty nice!

  5. I cannot tell you two apart! Great pics of you and Nico.

  6. Benita!!!
    Thank you! You are waaaay too sweet!

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