Thursday, September 16, 2010


Gwyneth has a new movie coming out in which she plays a country singer. Isn't that great news? Those of us who love the movie "Duets" and have seen her sing that song "Rain Forests Must Die" (or something like that) on an old Saturday Night Live know what a terrific talent and good singer she is. And, honestly, is there anyone more adorable than Gwyneth? (Well, maybe Nico). Let's have a look through the miracle of Youtube embedding at some of her greatest roles:

 Sliding Doors is one of those movies that can stand repeat viewings because it is funny, poignant, and just a really good story of what might have been had one taken a different path, so we really get two Gwyneths for the price of one. Good deal! Plus John Hannah as an attractive leading man. Take a look:

Now, let's take a look at her very famous duet with Huey Lewis singing "Cruisin'" in Duets:

And here's the trailer for "Country Strong" where we will get to see Gwyneth singing and playing a country singer trying to re-start her career.

Sounds like it will be right up there with "Nashville" and "The Thing Called Love" two of my all time favorites. Maybe we'll look at those two movies on another blog.
But to wrap up all things Gwyneth, here is a link to GOOP, her lifestyles online newsletter: GOOP
a link to her Academy Award win for "Shakespeare In Love" (sorry, can't embed this):Gwyneth Academy Award
And a final look at her in full charm mode in Emma:


  1. Hey Stephanie! Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. I LOVE Gwyneth, too!! And her singing! Thanks for sharing the info about her new movie....just sorry we have to wait until JANUARY to see it! And I certainly don't want time to rush by, either!!

  2. Hi Becky,

    Yes, Gwyneth is the best! My daughter said she's supposed to guest on "Glee", so, what could be better!