Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we had the garden group members up to our house for a harvest lunch. There were several hardcore garden experts in the group.
So, when we had a tour of the garden I took them over to see the romanesco cauliflower to get some opinions...because, honestly, these things didn't exactly look like the seed catalog photos. The answer I got was "Huh. Never saw anything like THAT before."
Not exactly words you want to hear. These things are MUTANTS! I knew there was something unearthly about them. I needed someone who wasn't just a garden expert. Someone who knew his way around evil outer space alien plant growths. I needed KEVIN McCARTHY!
Kevin, what do you make of these things. Have a look.

So, Kev, give me your honest opinion. No holding back. I can take it.
Oh, no. Worse than I thought! Well, we had our revenge. We ate their young. Quite tasty, with a hint of broccoli. But, wait... the zucchini is looking a bit odd. Kevin? Now, where did he go?

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