Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Back to the Garden

Above is my latest Chix Sunday. One of the best things I've done at the library in the last year is start a garden group. It's made up of a diverse core group of about 10 members. More come when we have speakers or an event like the seed swap. Last month we had a garden tour of the group's home gardens. Really fun to see all the different layouts and what everyone is growing.
I took a lot of photos of the garden in early summer. Have to get out and take some of what it looks like now. Not quite so gorgeous and lush as those nasty japanese (does not deserve capitalization!) beetles, potato bugs and squash bugs have found us and made themselves at home while wreaking a swath of devastation throughout.We've had our revenge... soapy water, anyone? Just not enough.So, here are a selection of the garden before: Some are taken from the roof. Not toooo near the edge.
This was an incredible year for raspberries.
We ended up with 28 lbs. frozen and ate quite a few more.
Some things like peas and the raspberries are finished already. But there is still an abundance of yummy things like beets, kale, chard and hopefully tomatoes. We have a ton, but all still green... and the blight is not far away!            

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