Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Dark Side of Cats!

I vacuumed yesterday. This is not as unusual as it sounds. And I know I vacuumed under the couch where I draw. And I swear...there was not a stiff as a board chipmunk under there, yesterday. And Spacey was curled up next to it looking quite pleased. This was not a fresh kill so to speak. This one was aged. Like road kill. Where did it come from? Why, when I am home alone?

This meant I had to get out the shovel of doom and scoop it up (not so easy) and take it across the street to the woods and toss it back to from whence it came.

(shovel of doom)

When you live in the country, there are many other inhabitants that want to live with you, too. In your roof, your attic, under your stove, in the kitchen drawers even, and the chimney. Which is why my husband claims we have cats. Efficient killing machines. Sometimes. What they like more is bringing wildlife into the house, letting it go and forgetting about it. So it is up to us to try to corral these creatures and get them outside to safety and freedom. Which they can be quite opposed to, preferring to take their chances with those teeth and claws and hide for days under the radiator while the cats stake it out in shifts.
We have freed mice, chipmunks and bats. The bats appear on their own and swoop around all over making it hard to get them to leave (especially while you are hiding in the bathroom with the door closed). Waste baskets are our method of choice in rescuing rodents. Keep an empty one standing by.
Our cats often don't want to bother keeping the house pest free. Why should they? They want treats and canned food and lots of attention for how wonderful they are. And to be appreciated and thanked for inspiring cartoons. So, thank you, fur friends, you are great and also loved. Here is a final cartoon in tribute.

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