Friday, February 12, 2010

Launching My New Spiffy Updated and Classy Website!

For the longest time I've been planning to update my site, but often things get in the way, such as:

1. cartooning
2. Library work
3. artstream projects
4. movies
5. reading many, many books
6. walking like a runner (see Leslie Sansone)
and, of course,
7. shopping!

Finally friend of friends Steve Winterton came up and we actually plotted out the new site.
Instead of the crazy quilt home page it is now streamlined and minimalist. Hooray! And all the news will go here, and if there's not much new... then I can blab about books and movies and cat photos and LOST and other important things and post drawings and cartoons. So, to wrap up this first post, here is a delighful new photo of Big Eric:

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