Saturday, February 6, 2016

Phantom "Feel the Love Valentine's Day Charm Bracelet" Give-Away!

I am all about Valentine's Day and I have a special mini-graphic Phantom story and a cartoon that I'll be ending the Cartoon Countdown with. In celebration I am giving away a brand new special Phantom charm bracelet filled with hearts and a mask and portrait charm symbolizing Erik and Christine and it can be yours!
One: Just sign up as a follower of this blog
Two: Post here in the comments section, and, in a line or two, share why Erik should be your Valentine.
Then a "secret judge" will choose a winner next Sunday night, that's February 14th. Sorry, only US entries as shipping outside the US is crazy.

(Don't forget, you can find lots of Phantom goodies in my Etsy Shop for Valentine's Day or any day! The Pen and Ink Shop Phantom's Lair Collection )

Here are some more pics of the bracelet:


  1. i am homeb0ound with my health i have been sen i was 23 i no how Erik0 must have felt i love the play and book very much and it would be a honer to have him as a valtins as i have never had one

  2. I think Erik should be MY valentine because we are both music teachers--and we have both had to deal with "difficult" students in our day. :) Also, because I've loved him for 28 years! (And Counting...) And because I write him books. :)

  3. Just found your blog! Loving it so far! Thank you for the work you put into it!

    I think every broken heart deserves a chance to mend; regardless of the day. But sometimes together two broken hearts can mend together. Happy Valentine's day!

  4. His voice is dreamy ;) and having a chronic illness I can relate to feeling isolated & judged.

  5. Thought I joined last year but didn't see my name at first. I'll give it a second try. So, on to Erik. To me Valentines Day is like no other holiday in that it evokes so many conflicting emotions. A day that is supposed to be about love and devotion is for many oftentimes a reminder of loneliness and how unlike everyone else he or she seems. Ultimately this is what lies at the center of Erik's character -- someone consumed with loneliness and despair because he is physically unlike anyone else, but yet very like us because he wants only to be loved for himself.

  6. As someone who is both handicapped and has a mental & autoimmune illness, I find I get a lot of stares and whispers. I feel that Erik would be a great Valentine because he would not only know how I feel, having been stared at himself, but he would also know exactly what to say to not only make me feel beautiful, but also to make me laugh and forget about the mean people of the world.

    I have always loved your bracelets and other jewelry, and I would be so ecstatic and proud to wear one of your pieces.

  7. Okay, so I had a best friend, like we all do, right? The one that you think will never leave you, will always be there when you need them, be like your rock, right? Well, this is what mine and Lucy's friendship was like. She was my world, my sister, my rock. Until I lost her last year..

    We were friends all our lives, from the age of six months, when we met in hospital. I had complications with my birth and she had lung problems. I was bullied majorly in primary school and secondary school, up to this day still. And so was she, but she was bulled for something that she couldn't change, it wasn't her two mothers faults for being lesbian, was it? They were the best mothers I had ever met!

    Last year, on January the 13th, was the most horrible day of my entire life. It was a bad day at school for me, the usual bullying and stuff.. When I got home, I messaged her, like normal. But something was different that day, usually she messages me straight away no matter what she's doing, but this time she took 20 minutes to reply. At first, I thought nothing of it, until I got this message.. And from that day on I always watched this movie and I have been to the Broadway show and I just realized that I can be loved by someone just as much as she loved me.

  8. I would love Erik to be my valentine because of the pain that i connected with through his tragic story. Though his ways of proving his love were questionable, he truly loved Christine and the fact that he could still learn to love another human and trust them the way he did with Christine is something so precious and perfect.

  9. The pain and loneliness that Erik must feel because of what he hides behind his mask is similar to the pain and loneliness that I feel with my 100% disability and several autoimmune diseases. I just hide at home where I can cry away my pain. Erik would make a great Valentine as he would surely understand what I go through on a daily basis. He would be that great love that I would find to be a great companion.

    (I hope that I signed up as a follower of this blog in the correct place. I would love to win such a beautiful bracelet.)

  10. Thanks so much for your post, Christine!

  11. This is Carlene Michalk (( I am using my Google account ))

    What would I do with Erik. Ah, I would spend the day giving him hints and kisses. I would give him all the love and compassion he deserve that he was neglected when he was young. I would love him much more to make up for his mother's that she wouldn't give. I will make his loneliness melt away. I would brush my tiny against his deformed cheek telling him that "I love you Erik. I love you so much my dear." And I would take him for a fantastic Valentine's day adventure by a romantic walk in the forest and a dinner at our cabin for two surrounded by candles!