Friday, November 16, 2012

"Homeland" Total Immersion

I spent last weekend watching the first season of the fantastically addictive Showtime series Homeland with the amazing Claire Danes as CIA agent Carrie Mathison and Damian Lewis as Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody  who were so believable and compelling and realistic you felt you were part of the story and yelling advice to them from the sidelines. When do you ever do that? If you can't afford Showtime, (and really, who can?) check it out at your library. You'll be glad you did...and maybe find yourself looking into CIA job requirements. They might need a cartoonist. Or maybe, might want to add one to the cast!


  1. Oh Stephanie, when I first saw the commercials for this show, I lamented the fact we don't have Showtime or any of those other channels! Because I LOVED Damian Lewis in the short lived NBC drama, Life. I'll certainly check the library for the DVD! Oh, and who doesn't love Claire Danes, too?

  2. Yay, Becky! Many libraries have great DVD collections. I bet you'll love it! Yes, Claire Danes is wonderful! "My So Called Life" was one of the best, most realistic shows about teens ever. I never heard of "Life"! I am now a big Damian Lewis fan. He manages to be sexy and creepy and scary on "Homeland"!

  3. Hi. After I read this post I decided to watch Homeland. And I became addicted, i've watched the first season and now i'm whatching the second.
    You're rigth it's amazing, when we think that everything happened and it could not surprise use anymore, something happens and thinks became even more messy!
    I really think that Damian Lewis and Claire Daines are outstanding in Homeland!
    Thanks for the advice, i'm really enjoying it!

  4. I'm watching the 2nd season, too! Very gripping! I'm so glad you liked it!