Monday, August 27, 2012

The Majestic Phantom

On August 18, the Enabler and I took a crash trip to NY where I finally, finally got to see Hugh Panaro as the Phantom! It was the best night at the theatre I have ever had... and I have seen a LOT of theatre growing up in NY! 
We arrived early so I could enjoy the ambiance of being at the Majestic Theatre where the "Phantom" has been stalking the stage since 1988.
Of course one has to have one's photo taken with all the iconic images. As I mentioned in the previous post I have been a Phantom fanatic forever. And seeing it on Broadway is like the holy grail of Phantom fandom!
waiting for showtime!
Under the chandelier... in the lobby!
I wanted to buy remembrances of this event so I did buy the mask and rose t-shirt and a lovely bracelet to compliment all the bracelets I made in celebration of getting my ticket and seeing the play.

And, of course, the program!

We had the absolute BEST seats... almost like being in the play!

You can't take photos during the performance, not that I'd want to and miss a minute of it... so, these came from Hugh Panaro's site to give you the experience of seeing the play:

We were right under the chandelier...

Being that close to Mr. Panaro's Phantom and hearing THAT voice was VERY swoony!

After "Phantom" ended I convinced the long suffering Enabler that we should go lurk by the stage door to see who might come out. I already knew Hugh didn't always leave via that exit but I thought it would be fun to see who did come out. We lurked along side a very fashionable mother and daughter from San Antonio who were there celebrating the daughter's birthday.

Adorable Kyle Barisich who was Raoul came out and signed our Playbills. No photo, Enabler!!! He was taking arty shots like this:

Then the equally adorable Michelle McConnell who was such a perfect Carlotta came out and signed our Playbills and posed for photos and was such a sweetheart to take the time to do that!

So it was the best time ever finally getting to see "Phantom" live and hearing that music and being able to see everyones expressions and all the details, so YAY! and thanks to the Enabler for being such a good sport and capturing it so I could blog about it in fanatical detail!

the Enabler

What? We have to leave?


  1. Gosh, Stephanie! I just read this post and the one before it. I'm so glad you shared all the info about Phantom and your obsession!! How wonderful to actually go to NY and see it on Broadway! I am smiling here in the Midwest...just because you were able to live a dream!! :)

  2. Haha! Thank you, Becky! I had such a good time and I LOVED Hugh Panaro. He was amazing as was the whole cast!!! Have you seen it?

  3. No, I've never seen it, but I love the music from it.