Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shocking Pen Repair Update!!!

I happened to be looking at Pen Doctor Richard Binder's site and saw this notice!!!

ATTENTION CLIENTS We have discontinued the repair and regrinding of pens that would be sent to us by clients. The growth of our retail business has made it impossible for us to continue to take on this type of work. We will complete all work on pens that are now in house, but we won’t be taking in any further pens for repair or customization.

We will continue to sell new pens and accessories, and to adjust or customize pens or nibs purchased from us, and we’ll still also continue to put up our monthly tray of restored vintage pens. And of course we’ll continue to sell pens and accessories at
pen shows and to work on pens there just as we’ve done in the past.  

Alas! This is a loss for pen lovers everywhere! Boo hoo!
If anyone knows of another pen repair pro out there... let me know!

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