Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Career and a Great Title!

My friend, cartooning pioneer, and great writer Roz Warren, did a wonderful retrospective of my career called Books, Cats, and Love  for Women's Voices for Change. What a great title! It really sums it up in that perfect sentence!
 Almost all the women cartoonists I know owe a lot to Roz and her wonderful Laugh Lines Press and the immortal Women's Glibber series. She published two of my books "Men! Ha!" and "Caffeinated Cartoons" and used my work in almost all the Glibber books. Roz made creative women aware of all the other creative women working in the humor fields waaaaay before the internet. When I first saw the Glibber books I thought "Wow! Look at all this fantastic work!" I got to know Isabella Bannerman, Rina Piccolo, Ann Gibbons, Alison Bechdel and countless other fabulous women through those pages. I would LOVE to see Roz honored with the Reuben of the Year Award or at least The Silver T-Square. Hopefully that day will come!

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