Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's been a while since I posted because it's been all about the garden lately with harvest and what not...but that doesn't mean there haven't been other things going on. A couple of months ago cartooning friend, Patricia Storms, e-mailed me to ask if the Guardian newspaper in the UK was a client of mine. They weren't. I would love them to be a client, but they were presently not. Then she sent me a link. She recognized my work. And it was being used. On the Guardian's website on their book review page. They were using the girl (above) from my Reading Revolutionary design, minus the text. This design has been on the Six Chix blog, been used by libraries all over with my permission including being featured on the ALA website and in my cafepress store.  I was reallllllly surprised that a big and reputable company would do something like use an artist's work without permission and paying for that use.
I posted about it on the Wisenheimer a great cartoon board I belong to, and people gave me some good suggestions, but the best was from Matthew Buck, who runs the Bloghorn blog for the UK Professional Cartoonists' Organisation, who contacted me with a name that eventually led to another name that eventually led to me getting paid. Matthew wrote about it here, so I'll let you follow that link for more details. Thank you, Matthew for helping me resolve this!

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