Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It's time to to really celebrate the traditions,like chocolate and stuffed bunnies... and watching the best Easter movie ever, "Where the Boys Are" as my Mom and I used to do and Nico and I do when we can (which will be at Thanksgiving!)...

Drawing Easter Bunny cartoons is a tradition I started in '95 when "Fair Game" was launched by Chronicle Features. Here is my latest. Be sure to "Like" it! 
Flowers are also a sign of easter and SPRING, and believe it or not, we had SNOW yesterday, but today is sunny and the crocuses are actually open, sort of, anyway. Here they are in all their purple-ness.

Happy Easter! Hope your day is filled with fuzzy chicks and pink jellybeans!


  1. Hi Stephanie! Happy Easter to you! had snow....well, that's better than tornadoes! Did you hear about the ones in St. Louis Friday night? I live in the metro area, but nothing bad near me.
    I LOVE "Where the Boys Are", too!!!!! Another "separated at birth" similarity!
    Love your Bunny cartoons, too!! :)

  2. You had tornadoes??? So, the airport tornado was near you!!! What's going on? Why don't tornadoes stay where they belong... sorry, Kansas. Thank goodness you are OK!
    Yes, we MUST be long lost twins if you, too, love the sunny happiness of early 1960's Florida that is "Where the Boys Are" complete with great Connie Francis soundtrack !!! Hooray!
    The crocuses are now officially open, too, so I hope that is a good sign. Do you get a spring in St. Louis?

  3. Hi Stephanie! I agree about the wacky tornadoes. They haven't even been in Tornado Alley....Oklahoma and Kansas, have they? Not that I know. And today I heard about all the terrible ones in the South. So many people lost their lives. What is going on with Mother Nature?
    And yes, we do have Spring in St.Louis. We have ALL the Seasons, but sometimes they're just a bit mixed up, temperature-wise!! :)

  4. P.S. Have you seen my book contest on my blog? Please check out what I posted on April 17th.

  5. Hi Becky,

    No, I'll check right now. I just wrapped up the library poetry contest with a big presentation last night so, now I finally have a few days to recover and catch up on my favorite blogs!!!