Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby, Let's Play House

I just finished the best Elvis book, ever! Nico gave me "Baby, Let's Play House" by Alanna Nash for my birthday. In it, Ms. Nash interviews or quotes many, many of Elvis's girlfriends from high school to Ginger Alden. With pictures! It is a VERY thick book! There were a lot of girls. And very, verrrry few had anything bad to say about him. He knew how to treat a lady right. He was a Southern gentleman. And, whenever he was dating one woman, and sending her home, another would be coming up the drive, and even when they knew about each other, they accepted that if you were with Elvis, that was the way it was. The kind of thing you'd never stand for from a regular boyfriend, these girls said, well, if this is the only way I can keep on seeing the King, so be it!
He loved his mom, so she was always the # 1 woman in his life. But there were also Dixie, June, Anita and of course Priscilla to name a small fraction.

I have always been an Elvis fan. One of the first movies I ever saw was "Jailhouse Rock" and that had a big impression on me, so I am always interested in everything Elvis! And I also love rock biographies, but I really like to know about the women in rock and behind the scenes, the girlfriends, groupies and wives of rock stars, so you can see why I loved this book! It has everything!

I wanted to add some images but couldn't move them around on the dumb format here, so, maybe later!

pictures courtesy of the Elvis Presley Website

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